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Hey everyone.  As you will read in Jeff's blog below, he suddenly up and moved today.  Crazy week!!  His new address is:  I am very curious to know what will happen to anything that has already been sent to his other address.  I'm sure since it's still in his area that he will get it.  Hope you are all doing well.  Merry Christmas!! Love,  Kristi (Mom)!
Elder Jeffrey Langford
203 Valencia Drive #128D
Jacksonville, NC  28546
Hello Everyone, 
AAAHHHGGGHHH!!!!!! Crazy week! No time to write either which is also… crazy.  But basically to sum up the crazy events of this week, one of the elders from the other ward had to go home because of some health issues, and so because of that, and the fact that an extra elder won’t be coming in for that area in a while, Elder Clegg and I have been paired up with Elder Black in the other ward to take over both wards in a trio-companionship!!!!!WWWWHHHHHAAAAAA God works in mysterious ways!!! So now we’re covering double the area, so both wards, with three of us… it’s been extremely busy stressful, hectic, but it’s been happening!  Haha so yeah.   Oh and because of this, we moved! We found a new apartment by the church to put all three of us in. So with moving all of our stuff, getting two wards in the area now (6 hour church ROCKS! 730-2pm), and adding another companion, is just ballistic joy. Definitely a lot to get used to, but hopefully once the dust is settled on this crazy heaven sent tornado, it’s going to be super great and successful! We teach really, really well together and realize it’s for the investigator and we’re there to help them. It’s the other time when we’re not teaching that having three people is a craze fest…. But again, growing pains will subside soon! (Large faith required). We taught someone who just, showed up to church one day not knowing anyone, and he’s been the most solid investigator I’ve seen… he was on the Romney campaign, and has a lot of Mormon friends, so he just showed up one day to check it out! We taught him about the plan of salvation last night, and he’s just so prepared, and so open to hear the message. His faith is incredible, and his desire to hear more, to be baptized, and to truly seek out the spirit, is inspirational. Truly a miracle! Just a humble, tender man, who’s willingness made my eyes a little dry, requiring moisture!!! Anyway, spasmodic week going from one thing to the next in a matter of seconds, but it’s going great, and  once the kinks are worked out, things are going to be better than before unimaginably!!
PS: Our new place, as told by the housing coordinator, is the nicest in the mission… can’t argue with that! ;) Finally ants aren’t coming out of the bath frame!!! Wooooot! Anyway time’s gone, as it always is in the mission, so I love you all sooo very much.  And remember what CHRISTmas is all about!!!! Have a very merry one, and check out when you get a chance!!! (Do it!!) I Love you all and appreciate all the love and support which I have.  Faith helps me every single time I need it!!!   Love, Elder Langford

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