Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Whew! Not too much time, but first off we had a crazy miracle! We were calling a less active to set up an appointment and I accidentally called the wrong number. His wife had just recently died, and so her phone number was still one of the numbers to his house. So I called that, and a random guy answered and said wrong number, so I went on and said, well hey we're the missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and so and so, and shared briefly what our message is about,  the restoration, plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ here and there. He said he wanted to know more! Haha!! so we got his address and kept his number, and stopped by a couple days later, and found out, that it was actually his friend's house.  His friend, happened to be the daughter of the less active man that we were trying to call.  She said that it was perfect timing for us to come and cheer up her day, and said that she'd love to take the lessons, and make her decision about the church... whoa... freaky miracle... We had wide open eyes driving away from there! We were very grateful for the miracles the Lord has given us!

Also, thank you to all that participated in the Christmas call! It was great to hear all of your voices! I KNEW YOU WERE REAL!  Feels like I was born a missionary, and all past life, was pre-life... so weird... so thanks for bustin the temporary veil! Love you all!

Haha, funny little thing.  So we were biking over Atlantic Bridge (the bridge from Morehead City to Atlantic Island, (look it up it's steep!), and I saw a man out in the water, in a little Kayak, and I couldn't help but think, that it was Nathan comin to say hi! Idk, just thought I'd share that. Totally thought of him there!

On this weeks menu, I have taken part of eating crab, which actually wasn't too bad, but come to think it was like a crab pot pie, so it was covered in crust in butter, so it had to be good! Then, I had some sushi, which turns out, isn't as good as everyone says it is! :/ Probably the craziest thing this week, was the baby octopus... that was approval there...I'm willing to try again later if it's DEEP fried or covered in something think...but plain and cold, it was like a suctiony gummy bear with a dirty sock go!!

Went  on an exchange where i took over the area for the day, and it went quite well! Nobody died or worse left the church, so it's all good! 

Oh also, gotta go but before I forget, there was a Jewish lady that we were referred to, and we talked to her for a while, and she's way in the hebrew clothes and all get-up, but she really wanted to come to church and to see what we believe and learn more for herself, and she loved it! She liked the testimonies the most (so always bear your testimony! it touches the souls that you don't even know! Every single time!), and is getting a copy of D and C, and heading back next week, and, has agreed to take the missionary lessons to hear more and talk about, baptism? She said she's already been baptized, so we're excited to explain about the restoration to her and authority and hopin for a warm reception there! 

Anyway, that's the goings on over down yonder here.  Nothin too crazy this week, but still trying to adjust to the area! Well, read the Book of Mormon, stay true, and I love all of you!!!!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR WHERE KAITLYN'S GOING!!!! Put me down for: Orlando, Florida!!

Love,  Elder Langford

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