Monday, December 3, 2012

"Best Week of the Mission So Far!!

Elder Langford's update: Dec 3, 2012

 Hey everyone,
This has been the best week of my mission so far hands down. It’s a bold statement but it’s a true one. My heart was full at the end of this week. So many miraculous things have taken place, and  I’ve been able to experience the Love of God for others, and myself, in ways that haven’t ever been so clear.\
First off,  I want to thank everyone that has sent me something! I hope I can get a thank you out to all of you! I really, really appreciate it, and I’m grateful for your kindness and consideration, especially for the socks. Thanks grandma for making my wash week stretch a little longer ;)
Speaking of foot/sock, I got my foot run over by the ward mission leader’s wife… she said she didn’t sleep that night! Pretty sad… she barely nicked it, and I feel bad she lost so much sleep! Good times.
One person I want to talk about is Brother Proulx. He has diabetes and goes to dialysis every other day. He also got his foot amputated because of an infection he got. Needless to say, he’s been through a lot. We met him a long time ago, and have been doing service for him for quite a while now, and always teaching him a lesson here and there. When he was in he hospital getting his foot cut off, we’d go see him two, three times a week. Needless to say, we’re really close to Brother Proulx. He has a real sense of humor, and has given me over probably 20 death threats! Haha as a joke of course (don’t worry mom), and is very attentive when he can be and isn’t on pain pills. (really funny when he is though!). He’s in a wheelchair now, and had been getting pretty depressed with everything that had been going on with him… He said that because of us coming over, always being there for him and being willing to help, that we’ve been the joy in his life, the thing that’s kept him going, when especially in his state, it would be so easy to give up.  Brother Proulx lives in a little trailer home with  two dogs, (one’s a full blood wolf!), and because of his impairment, and the dog hair, it’s quite, cluttery.    It’s amazing how all of that slips away when we get the chance to just sit and talk to him. He’s made the insane effort, to come to church every week he can. He’s become really good friends with the family that takes him, and really loves and enjoys church every time he goes, and really wants to become a member of the church. Elder Clegg and I both agree, that if we were sent on our missions, for only Brother Proulx, it would be worth it. I’ve seen his life change. He is a different person. He strives daily to serve, to spread the gospel, and always give  away his Book of Mormon to someone else, and bring his family to church!  He’s an incredible man! This week particularly was special. We had a stop by lesson with him talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ. About half way through the lesson, he just went off about how he wanted us to come over on a break day, and just learn. Just allow us to listen and learn everything he knows. He said he wanted to give everything that would be of value to us. All the skills he’s learned in his life to us, and give us the most beneficial things he can. He had us for thanksgiving and fed us! He gave Elder Clegg and me  digital picture frames so we could always remember him! He tells us every time we go over  that we are literally like family to him, and that he sees us as his sons, and wants us to keep in touch whenever we have to leave. We’ve had so many tender moments with him, and I felt such a strong spirit of God’s love for him, and my love for him. True charity for him. I wanted to give him everything I had, I wanted to give him the very best thing I owned that could bless his life, and the best part about it was that it was the gospel. To help Brother Proulx through this life to prepare for the next as it approaches, and to come to a knowledge that He is prized in God’s eyes, and much a appreciated for all the kindness he’s given to so many. He’s got such a strong spirit. As we left that night last week, he told us, that he didn’t know when it would be that he passed, that with his health it could be tomorrow, weeks, years…  he didn’t know… he asked if LDS funerals were any different from other ones.  We basically said people just talk about the person, and then someone says a prayer for them as they go to the other side. He pointed to me and said that no matter where I was or when it was, that he wanted me to give the prayer for him at his funeral… I almost burst into tears right there!  I feel so blessed to be able to meet such a man as Brother Proulx, and I can’t imagine how great he looks in God’s eyes. I can’t imagine what’s in store for him as he carries on, pressing forward in Christ. It’s my responsibility to prepare him to meet God. Even if that was the whole reason I was sent here, I would be content with that. He’s such a great and cherished man in the sight of us and the ward! ;)
We also had a baptism after a long road of teaching and getting through some trials ;)  That was awesome too and I’ll send pics asap! I was able to baptize them, and it was a great and humbling experience! Haha the first one took four times! I’ll be honest… good times. But it went really, really well, and it was great to be a part of them making their steps into the gate and the way.   He’ll be receiving the priesthood soon, and will really make a great contribution to the ward!!
Ahh I wish I had more time but I’ve used it up! Really quick though, I kind of rebuked the entire elder’s quorum to have more faith and repent… It was great! We made a big list of their fears for spreading the gospel, and then we said what’s the opposite of fear? Faith! And we told them to have more faith and to step it up!!  Gooood, stuff ;)
Well anyway, sadly my time is up :/ but hey, everybody pray for charity! I asked the question in my study today on how to maintain charity?  The answer was, through diligence unto prayer!  So ask yourself, what can I do personally to pray for more charity diligently, and how can I act on what I pray for? I love you all sooo so much! And know I’ve been sent here for a such a divine cause! Can’t believe I’m like fourth of the way done!  It feels like I just got here! Love you  all!!!!!! So much.  Elder Langford! 






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