Monday, March 3, 2014

"Opposums don't play dead, Amazing Area Mission Meeting, & Signing up for Another Year."

Ok, so time's like gone!!  I'm so sorry everyone....  I keep saying that I'll fill this blog up to the brim, but just have not yet. Never enough time.  I will repent!  I'll get on it :)

We cleaned out a member's shed a couple days ago, in which no one had been into for a number of decades... Sure enough, there was a POSSUM... about 4 by 3 feet big...Haha!!  It didn't play dead! We got a box and a stick and chased it out and up a tree... Pretty crazy... Moral of the story... clean things at least once every ten years, or you may be cursed with a possum!  :-)

Also, we had a marvelous meeting with an area authority, all of the stake presidents in our mission, the Mission President, President Monson (just kidding), and all the other zone leaders... It was so incredible!  It was great to share our thoughts together in hastening the work. If you don't know what hastening the work is, I'd invite you to go onto  and look it up!  The brethren have labeled this as big as the restoration of this last dispensation, and the restoration of the priesthood to all worthy men. It's a pretty big deal.. We've doubled our baptismal goal, and had a great discussion about focusing on the one. It really sunk into my heart, enough that as we got home from dinner, I expounded and likened basically the whole meeting to a game of cornhole (beanbag toss).... We're going to be teaching our great zone of 17 companionships the things we've been taught, and I hope and pray that they can get the same understanding that we were able to feast upon!  What a great week it's been!

Now I know, I need to  be better at blogs... Next time you'll get a whole spew of new things. I love you all soooo much however, I will NOT see you soon because I've got soooooo many days left! I might as well serve another year!!!  Have a great week everyone!!!!
Love, Elder Langford

(This is Kristi. Elder Langford May not be counting but I am. As of today, only 107 days left. Elder Langford will be home on June 18!!  I think I may be looking more forward to it than he is!! 😃)

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