Monday, March 10, 2014

"Fish Tacos VS Tofu, Children are Perfect, Sister Missionaries are always 100% right, Awesome Coconut Birthday Cake."

Sooo... Top ten for this week!!

1. Has anyone ever had fish tacos? They're super good! We had a lesson in a member's home, in which the investigator was vegetarian, so in result, we had both fish and tofu tacos! I tell you what, tofu tastes like.... tofu.... and that's probably why I won't have too much of it for the remainder of my days...The fish tacos were so delicious though! They tasted like the ocean, minus the excess of salt and sogginess..with your mind it doesn't make sense, but in your heart, you know what I mean!  The investigator asked a lot of good questions about infant baptism, and if those children are sinless...  We talked about how when a five year old pushes his litter sister down the stairs or steps on her foot, it's still a bad thing, and just as much a sin ask if I were to do it to my companion, (so I Don't; probably because I love him as well!) But the difference is, that Jesus Christ, being our advocate, chose to allow little children under 8, to be free of accountability from the law. As we know, with no law, comes no sin, for they are not held accountable, by the grace of Christ who's blood sufficiently covers their innocence. Though there have been times when we can question the innocence of our children, Christ doesn't, until they're eight, so sometimes we have to learn to endure till the beginning for the true remorse of conscience to kick in through disobedience to divine law.   Oh and I promised the member I'd eat a prune. To be as plain as possible, it tasted like soggy fruit leather, with a pinch of DISGUSTING. More of in the tofu food group.

2. We had a fantastic Zone meeting, in which we talked about hastening the work! It's a biiiiiig deal! The apostles say so! Which in translation says that our Savior is telling us so! It's pretty great to see that we're ready for this new revelation of how our missionary work can be enhanced. I've pondered before what revelation we'd be able to receive if we were on a more righteous plane overall throughout the world (including me!) We all could be higher!). I wonder what the brotheren would talk about... probably more doctrine, and less re-evaluating things... Anyway, we had a good talk about the importance of a teaching pool, and how the culture of finding really works. When you think of a pool, (I know my dad was a pool bibber for a while) you like to naturally think that you play in the water, until the water runs out... Anyone who's been in a pool or has worked on a pool, knows that it takes constant care and a recycling of water to maintain a successful... pool. The same applies for our teaching pools out here in the mission. we must master the usage of the chemicals we've been given through our personal efforts to understand and use the spirit, to learn how to properly clean, and maintain our teaching pools.There are those ready to be taught, that just need some extra cleansing, and there are those snicker's bars that just need to be taken out for now. It was a great meeting full of testimonies, and a great sermon on charity by our beloved sister missionaries. (By the way, anything a sister missionary says is usually 100% right, with the occasional 70-75% maybe not answers...). We love them and they've set a great example throughout the meetings. One of the sisters is a blatent image of what Hollie Looks and acts like... If hollie were to be a missionary, I think I already have agood feel of where she'd be at. pretty good :)
3. Did I say ten? Heh... trying to think off the top of my head here...
YES, the YSA has called a new ward mission leader, in who we are already near and dear to. He's told us that he's ready to take this branch to the next level, and to take it to it's potential it's been ready to reach for a while! We set some great goals, had a whole fifth sunday to talk about them, and we're interviewing every member of the branch that we can get at the meetings and activities to see what missionary work means to them... Things have been good, and it was good to report these things to the Stake President this morning via our conference call. I love being able to work alongside so many missionaries and church leadership. I've really been able to see how things work. Just as the Savior is the ultimate source of truth, light, and knowledge, allowing us to have faith, and to believe in his Hope of Eternal Glory, The more we learn about any topic the more we're able to understand the workings and functions behind it, and most importantly, the ones that are bending over backwards to make these things happen. I Hope I can have the opportunity one day to participate in some of these meetings, and to be an active force in the missionary work, and welfare of whatever branch or ward I get to serve in during and post this state of probation in the mission.

4. Well it turns out it's the top four.. .I need to go here soon! Up to a lot of things today :) I'm always grateful to be able to write y'all and I will try to get some longer more effective blogs out for the next maaany weeks, because there's wayyy tooo many to count... 

5. Hahahah PS: (5 not four today). (So of you might know I do NOT like cake of any kind.)  The ward mission leader's wife, dear Sister Maynes, baked me a whole coconut cake for my birthday! I took a nice big ol bite, and told her in detail how delicious of a combination it is when the flakes of coconut combine together with the tangy, soft and tender cake inside, being mixed together with a nice layer of icing, creating the impression of a seasoned gummy bear from the tropics! She saw right through me and said, "Someone said you didn't like cake..." Hahahaha I tried to like it!!! But we're good, and I've been forgiven! :) Ok really gotta go now! I love you all sooo much and I'll see you in a long time!!

Love, Elder Langford

#6:  (This is Kristi again.  I know Jeff wishes he had longer but today marks only 100 days left!)

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