Monday, March 17, 2014

"Gummy Bears Against the Word of Wisdom?, Following Promptings of the Lord, the Gift of Tongues, Feeling Medically Savy, & Not in Denial."

OK everyone!  
I had a fantastic15 point blog to write, but for the first time in well, many months, my mission president wrote and asked how I was doing.  Even though it looked really simple, it was a good soul searching question so I just finished answering that!  :)
Ok! Sorry but little time left! Here are some of the good points for the week!
1. Someone asked a great question about the atonement, (summed up), Why did Christ have to die? Summed up answer, (1 John3 :16 -not to be mistaken with, but can correspond with, John 3:16).  If you have a second, look it up!
2.  A less active really opened up about a prompting he recevied for another, and asked how he could receive more promptings for his family as the father of his home? We had a great discussion on the importance of being worthy for those promptings, and living our lives in a way that we're always receptive to the Holy Ghost.  We will be following up with him and his family!
3. On a funny note, I asked president one night, "Is it against the word of wisdom to eat 50 gummy bears in a day?"  He said, "I'd like to see you try and eat 50 carrots." Hahaha little does he know, I have.
4.  Alma 4:25! A great message of endurance and trusting the Lord.   It's only after all of the slaps and the smiting from everyone, everything, and everywhere, that Alma and Amulek finally catch a break of deliverance! Hang in till the end!
5. I shredded some skin on the top of my foot playing basketball a couple days ago, and my mom'd be so proud.  I wrapped those suckers up with cream and everything! I felt so medically savy. Good times. Note to self: Don't play basketball barefoot with the YSA's.   :D
6. We were at a district meeting doing a role play, and I felt to bear a powerful testimony on the redeeming love of our Savior, and it was so powerful... The elder started crying, and he didn't even speak english! What a testimony it is to me.   :)
7.  Ahh! Got to skip down my list, out of time! Anyway, we had a fantastic stake conference allll about missionary work and finding the one.  Directly after this meeting, I felt impressed to talk to one of the members who was there, and at first she said there wasn't really anything, and then I mentioned that I had felt prompted to speak with her.  It was really neat how she began to open up about a loved one who was inactive, and how she wanted us to come over for dinner to help her and talk about it!  Incredible thing!  :)
8. We went on an exchange with a brand new elder, and I was talking to him that night.  He mentioned how his testimony was wavering, and how he was struggling. I felt prompted to give him some words of counsel, and he paused and told me that I had almost quoted a good paragraph of his partriarcal blessing...
It's been a fantastic week, and I'm so grateful for my Savior and all that he's done for me, and the help that he's given me to bless the lives of others.  :) 
I'm so grateful to be serving and I'm SOOO GLAD I'M A YOUNG MISSIONARY NOT GOING HOME SOON! (not in denial).
 I love you all sooo much!!   Elder Langford

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