Monday, March 24, 2014

"Good-bye Wilmington - Hello Fort Brag and YSA's, and Be a winning Coach and bring Souls to Christ."

Hello everyone!!
I have two minutes to put this blog together.....

1. I'm being transferred tomorrow morning and GOING TO FAYETTVILLE!!  I'm going to the Fayetteville Fort Brag Ward plus the YSA Ward!!  It'll go great!  I'm really excited for it. It's bitter sweet, but it always happens at the right time in the Lord's eyes.

2... I've LEAVING WILMINGTON! see #1

3. I'm going to miss all of these people so much!!  They're  so great!!  I wish I could say all their names and how much so many people have done for me... Truly my cup runneth over... I was able to give two talks this Sunday  in both wards.  I didn't have any time to prepare anything, but I gave two five minutish talks about the great  blessings that we have as we share the gospel!! Think about who receives the most joy when a basketball team wins... some think it's the fans, some think it's the players, some even think it's the franchise owner, but some know, that it's the coach who recieves the most joy.  Share what you know!! :D

4. I likened my time in Wilmington to a goood time in Cici's (all you can eat restaurant). ... like a buffet that just keeps on going, but eventually, has to momentarily end!! 

I love you all so much!!  wish I could say more,  because I have  a lot to say, but I'm out of time and I'm sure next monday I'll have even more to say!! :D :D

Love you all,
Elder Langford

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