Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Jeff (Elder Langford) mailed this letter on Saturday, July 7th and it arrived here on Monday.  This is the last letter we will receive from the MTC.  Elder Langford has already left for North Carolina. 

Dear Mom, "I loved the package.  We ate all the chips and salsa in that same day we got it!! MMMMM......
That's sad about the fires.  Send me some pics. Sad it did so much damage but glad everyone is okay!.  So I don't know when my next time to write will be.  But I will write ASAP!!  Those shirts you sent ROCKED!! I love them.  So comfy and lighter to wear.  Thanks so much!!  Please keep all the letters coming!!  I got Emmalee's, Dad's and yours in the package.  I love all of Natalie's quotes she sends me. I get all of Hollie's billion letters she writes.  I love them all.  Everyone sounds like they are doing well and I love to hear how they are all growing up.  I love this thing with the missionaries writing Kaitlyn.  They really enjoy it.  Can't wait to see her start college.  She'll do great I bet!!"  
     "4th Of July here was good.  We had a cool program and then got to watch all of the Stadium of Fire Fireworks.  Great day!!  I fly out of here on Monday.  I think my flight is around 8 or 9.  So excited to get to North Carolina to serve."  I love you mom. I can feel you love and hope you can feel mine cuz I love you so much and appreciate everything you've done at this point to get me here!! Love, Elder Langford

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