Sunday, July 1, 2012


Meeting the New Mission President

Last P-Day (Monday), Jeff wrote individual letters home to the family.  Apparently the only thing that's overwhelmed him at the MTC so far is having so little time to write everyone back.  We've written him a lot of letters so far.  He has also wanted to send pictures but the machine to do that at the MTC is broken and he wont be able to send his MTC pictures until he arrives in NC.  This was the first letter he wrote to me (mom):  I will paraphrase some of it below.  He sounds like he is just loving it at the MTC:

      "Dear Sister Langford (mom),  I've loved every minute of it here!  I can't get enough.  Thank you for raising me to be able to meet this goal in my life.  I can feel myself coming closer to Christ as I learn to serve others, and love the people I teach.  The spirit is so strong here.  It truly amazes me how the spirit really can teach through you!  Staying obedient to the mission rules and using all my time as best as I can brings that spirit when I teach  It really does make you humble and I can't imagine doing any of this without the Lord's constant aid and comfort.  I've been reading the New Testament and have been marking almost everything and writing insights that I feel when I read!  It's so amazing. I'm so ready to spread this joy I have to everyone in Raleigh  It will be incredible to be that instrument in the Lord's hand!
      I love my district!  We're so close and we really study hard and always have great insight and deep conversations together.  From day one, we just  bonded and this has been honestly not scary at all!  "Faith replaces all Fear."
     I hope that I can continue to do my very best on my mission so that I can fully teach and spread the gospel and give full thanks to the Lord for all the blessings that he's provided me! 
     We met our new mission president and his wife! Great people.  They're the Burnhisels and he's a fertility doctor.  Awesome people!
     I love you so much and know that you're being blessed.  I'm praying for everyone everyday and love you all so much.  Til next week!  Love, Jeffrey (Elder Langford)"
      Exciting that he and his new mission President are in the MTC at the same time.  Not many elders get that opportunity.  They will both be arriving in North Carolina and getting trained at the same time.  Sister Braithwaite told me this is such a great time to be in the MTC because all the new Mission Presidents are there and they have General Authorities there (even the first presidency once) every day to help train and instruct the new Presidents.  What an awesome thing and the Elders and Sisters there reap the benefits of that!

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  1. Hi, I happened upon your blog! I just want you to know that your son's mission president and wife and AMAZING! He is very lucky. They are from my ward in Florida. She taught me Seminary for 4 years and he was in the Stake Presidency. I owe so much of my testimony to Sister Burnhisel and the lessons she taught in Seminary! They are truly amazing people! Know that your son is in good hands!!!! Best of luck to your son on his mission!!! :)