Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jeffrey's First Letter Home From North Carolina!!!

***Jeff's Letter Included what he did in his first few days after arriving in North Carolina.  He sounds so excited and happy to be there.  He was blessed to get an awesome companion/trainer.

"So I'll just start at leaving the MTC! We got up at like three thirty, got all packed and ready to go, and headed to the airport! We were in a little shuttle bus and the driver was awesome. about a half hour into it, we were all screaming hymns, disney songs, ect (remember it's four ni the morning). We got there, callled my family! It was so great to hear from them but it was kinda early though... and i got to talk to Katie over double speaker phone, which was pretty awesome considering the fact that from the phone I was on I was literally staring at her house through the airport window... haha so close and yet so far!!! Then we got on the plane, and I basically slept the whole time till we got to Detroit! As we got there, it felt so good to get some real food from Wendy's!! ohhhh double stacks... how they will forever call to me... so we got on the plane, and it was small so we only had one stewerdess, and we were all sat in the back. as she came back, she asked what we were doing, we kind of explained what was giong on, and at the end of the flight she made an anouncement about how great the thing we were doing was to the plane, and that all kids our age should be doing something like this in such a mature style of doing it! awesome!
The mission president and his wife, and the assistants picked us up, and took us to the mission home! I was already sweating!! Good gosh it's so humid down here!!!! so hot!!!!! hahaha like I literally feel like i'm just shedding water layers everyday! like if you squezed me, you'd get drenched... haha good stuff ;) So we got to the mission home, ate, and were interviewed by the president! He told me to describe the missionary my mother thought I was... haha that was hard! but I told him, basically what she tells me, and he said that he could already tell that I was ready to go and a great missionary, so that was kinda cool! then we went to sleep!
Today we got back and met my new companion, and he's awesome! Elder Fowkes! Hard working from Nephi Utah, wrestled, and was soo happy to hear that I wanted to run and work out every day! Like literally when we go biking, i'm on like the highest gear, peddling as fast as I can, and he's stil ahead... it's a trial by fire but I love it! i'm getting souped up to bike for the next two years! My behind has become quite beautiful, (best two years quote). but yeah very dedicated, obedient, zone leader, who doens't waste anytime, and works as hard as he can!!  He's also said that I'm like ten months ahead of most missionaries, so that's really comforting to hear! haha like I'm really just trying my best to be outgoing and talk to everyone that I see, and bear testimony that it's true! It's a really change in lifestyle, like the mornings getting up at six are hard everyday to get goin, but I'm getting used to it, and more and more I see how I can do this for the next two years! I really feel like I'm doing my very best out here, and trying to stay as obedient as possible, and as i've been doing that, i've definitely felt the aid of the spirit with everything. it's always there to help me, tells me what to say, gives me strength when I need it, and truly is a comforter to me when I need it most! I love it here, even though it's humid and everybike ride is crazy hot (especially the one on suday in our suits :/ haha but everyone expects you to be hot and sweaty, and everyone usually is, so it's ok! just noone's ever as hot and sweaty as i am... haha which is fine!! I'm actually still losing more than gaining weight, and I'm gonna try to keep that up!!
Everyone here is huge. Like either an active marine, or a retired marine. Like everyone is huge!! haha it's crazy to see! Overall though, people are so nice here, and they really appreciate the idea of two young men doing this work and going out to preach the gospel! They're usually open to talk and listen, and i've already seen miracles! First day out, I got to attend a baptism with an investigator my companion had! and we're probably gonna have one in two weeks with someone we've been teaching!  I love it here so much! it's hard, like it's the hardest work i've ever done, and sometimes it's a shock to think that I'm doing this for the next two years, but FAITH over fear!!! That's what keeps me going!! I love all of your letters so much, and I write back every monday!!! Keep telling everyone to write and to let me know what's going on in their lives, and read the Book of Mormon! the Book of Mormon is the meat and potatoes of the gospel, and there's no better way to get closer to god than by reading that book! I can testify of that!! ah I gotta go, but i'll write a lot more next week I promise! I love you all soooo much!!! Till next week!!! It's been awesome!!! I truly love serving the Lord ad seeing the joy that I get from the gospel come into other people's lives!!!!
Love, Jeffrey (Elder Langford)

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