Sunday, July 29, 2012


***Jeff's First Full Week in his New Home As 
Written in his own Words!!****

"Anyway, this week went great!! Again don't have a lot of time to talk about it, but basically Tuesday we had a long zone conference with the mission pres and the assistants, and they fed us this amazing pork barbecue for lunch! I'm quite addicted to spicy foods and can never seem to get enough hot sauce now btw. I'm going to come back with a black and burnt out tongue! We've been teaching a lady (who we taught tues.) who';s just a miracle! From a random guy who really wasn't interested, gave us a random referral to her, and it turns out she hasn't been to church in fifteen years due to some stuff that came up with people in the church, and is looking to hear the lessons and come back! It's been such a blessing to teach her and see her willingness to do all she can to feel comfortable coming back to church and leetting the atonement work in her life with those things holding her back! Awesome! Also still getting situps in everynight! The food we get is really good and fatening, so gotta do someithing to hold it back! haha
The next day, we ran, worked out, and went to go teach someone named Tron. He wasn't there, so we did some tracting on the way home on our bikes, (averageing about 20 miles a day biking... haha) and had some lunch! Cereal again. then we visited this family that we set up an appointment with cause we just stopped by their house, and they've been inactive for years, and just haven't come to church. We talked to them and found out the one of them has a form of PTSD, and just gets anxiety from anyone ever calling on him or something, and wouldn't come unless his wife came back in the day. We talked about the importannce of the sacrament, and asked if they'd be able to come this week, they checked, and said this is the first time she's had this many Sundays (8) in a row that she had off!!! Miracles really happen!! Then we went to teach a recent convert, and got some frybread! They're actually navajo, so they say it's what 'skones' are supposed to taste like. They were so much better than scones! good stuff!
We did our weekly planning, which takes a while... ha then we went on a split, and I ended up in Wilmington for the day with someoen else! It was cool to se a new area, and the missionary (Elder Billin) was a great guy! we ran the next morning for four miles, and then went to some appointments, and then, I went back to my area! that was a great opportunity to see the work being done there as well at such a high level!
I wish I had time to say more! Basically we've seen a lot more miracles in these last few days, and have three people getting ready for baptism!! I love this work, and can see myself progressing exponentially!!! There's so much to learn and study, and I'm really trying my best to stay on top of it, and never feel discouraged! Faith over fear!!! ah I gotta write my letter to the president, love you all!!! Until next week!! I wish I had more time to tell more!!!!  Love, Elder Langford

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