Monday, October 15, 2012

Elder Jeffrey Langford's Update:
 October 15, 2012
Hey everyone,
Alright!!! It’s time to write the blog! I have a lot of notes, so lets hope I can read them, and remember what they mean!
Elder Langford and Elder Clegg
First off I just want to say thank you for all the prayers I’ve received! They help me every single day, and lift me high enough to do this awesome work, so thank all of you who give a second for me every night, cause it means the world to me!
 So we have, well we had, (he disappeared), a huge pet spider right by our front door! He’d always catch huge bugs and slowly eat them. We named him ‘Shiblon’. It was sad to see him go. Also, crazy story… one of our investigators, the Spanish one, knows where we live because our ride to teach him dropped us off before dropping him off.  He decided to pop a visit to us… at four in the morning… we heard the doorbell and the knocking but didn’t really get up.  Then he called us and begged us to come see something for just a minute… so we got up, opened the door, and there he was, with a weight bench… He’s been asking for money from everyone in the ward, including us, and we just have to keep telling him we’re not allowed to give any away… So at four in the morning, he’d gotten a ride to our house, with the weight bench, to try and sell it to us for 20 bucks… When we told him repeatedly we couldn’t pay him, he just kind of left saying something in Spanish, and left the bench… so we don't know what to do with it.   Now we have a weight bench until he comes back to get it! Hahaha Crazy stories/people down here! We love them, and hope for the best!
We got new neighbors, and were helping them move in for a while. We talked to them about the church a bit, and they said they’d make us pie. So later that night, they brought over a hand made apple pie, and……………. I actually really like it! Super weird, don't know if it’ll ever happen again. Tender mercy right there. I’ve also become very attached and addicted to hot sauce and spicy things! I have three different hot sauces in the fridge now and I’m goin strong! This place is playing some serious tricks on my stomach…
Training, is going extraordinary! Elder Clegg is a hard worker, and he’s ready to go! He’s got so many new and revolutionary ideas storming in his brain, and he’s always ready to learn, and eager to take on the area! Training I’ve realized takes a lot of patience, humility, and LONG SUFFERING… jk more like short prospering! Because Elder Clegg and I get a long really well, and relate with a lot of things, we have really good unity, and I give him a lot of responsibility! He doesn’t hide behind his trainer at all, and loves all the opportunities to take a leap of faith, and so far, he hasn’t failed me yet! Haha in fact he’s probably almost as good as I am with directions already! But let’s be honest that surprises  probably no one.
Jeffrey still loves his cereal!! This was probably after fast Sunday!
 Also, I guess I should say this, the sister in charge of the packaging has said that ALL packages for Christmas need to be sent by DECEMBER 1st as PRIORITY MAIL! They also said, that just for packages, on the next transfer in a couple weeks, I can give out my address for only packages! I hope that makes sense… if not please refer to my mom J cause she probably ( I hope) understands! 
Sadly I must go here soon… :/ so much to talk about with like two seconds of reasonable writing time!! I’ll leave you with a really great miracle that I was able to be a part of this week. We have an investigator in the hospital, so we go meet with him here and there. One day as we were leaving and in the parking lot headed to our car, we saw two older looking ladies who were pretty sad looking! Our member who was giving us a ride said, “man, they look pretty sad..” When he said that and I looked at them again, I got this feeling that I really needed to go and talk to them! So at this point, they were almost to the hospital door, and we were in the parking lot pretty far out. So I told Elder Clegg we had to go talk to those people, and suddenly we turned around and headed for the hospital door! By the time we got in, they were making their way in the elevator, so we kinda walked fast and jumped inside the elevator,  We  just hit the highest floor there was , so we could be on there with them. I just asked how they were doing, and they said not too good, and that this was one of if not the last times they’d be able to see their dad, who was going through a fatal kidney problem of some sort. We got out of the elevator with them, and asked if we could share a scripture with them. We shared Alma 40, and gave them the promise of comfort and peace that they would be able to see their dad again someday, and that he’d be in a place far happier. We also asked if we could say a prayer with them for their father, and that was really helpful as well. It seemed like it really lifted them a bit higher than they were at the moment, and hopefully we’ll be able to get in touch with them when we call them back. To me I just felt walking back, that my purpose as a missionary, isn’t necessarily to fill the most numbers in or to teach and baptize as many people as possible, but that it is to invite others to come unto Christ, and to be a representative of Jesus Christ, and to do as he would do. I’m so thankful for the times that the Lord trusts me enough to be placed in a situation where I can help one of his children grow closer to Christ! Miracles happen every single day soooo many times! Anyone that doesn’t believe in miracles forgets that they are breathing! Look for and pray daily in thanks for all the miracles that happen in your life every single day, and pray that you’ll be placed with the  opportunity to serve someone else! I love you all sooo, soooo much!! Keep up all the great work that you do, and keep being the amazing examples you are to me! Elder Langford

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