Monday, October 29, 2012

"I hope I don't get lead poisoning!" 
Update from Elder Langford, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween Everyone!
Wooo! Very little time today! Long message to the madre! I’ll be quick!
Ok, so I’ve invented a spectacular lunch special, and it’s freakin awesome. So what it is, is ramen noodles (no flavor packet) mixed with some heated up frozen green beans, with some brussel sprouts or carrots, along with an egg scrambled and thrown in there! Then It’s topped off with a little bit of soy sauce, and a LOT of Siracha!!!!! (SUPER GOOD ASIAN HOT SAUCE!) It’s actually fairly healthy, gives me my nutrients, and is part of my attempt to continue to lose and not gain weight out here! So far so good standing strong at -7 since I’ve got here!
So miracle, we got referred to a less active, by the other ward’s elders, who just wanted to come back to church.  As we met with him, he told us to wait, because his friend was coming to hear the message as well! She was a non member (for now) and she really connected with the message! The spirit was so strong, and really did all the teaching! It was such a great lesson for both of them, and we’re looking forward to future lessons and meetings with them.
Also, we’ve had a few cases where my directionally impaired mind, takes us on ‘shortcuts’ to places. A couple times though, we have shown  up at exactly the right moment! Shows that the Lords works through our imperfections! Woooot!
 Ha, we did some crazy service! We moved like twelve 50 lb. buckets full of lead and copper for our investigator who’s handicapped a bit. He likes to melt lead. Hopefully I don’t get let poisoning. We also cleaned out his shed a bit, organized some stuff, and got fed the greasiest (but best tasting) bacon with Vermont maple syrup straight from the tree! Gooood stuff!
 We also had a ward Halloween party.   I wore an orange/black tie. That was my costume. We were in charge of a booth for the kids, where they had to make little airplanes, and throw them through a hula-hoop hanging from the ceiling! Turns out these were the hardest airplanes to put together! Haha! It was super fun and super chaotic, but we conquered and persevered, and our booth was the most popular. I probably helped 30 kids throw an airplane through a hula-hoop that day. Put it on the resume, and check it off the bucket list! 
 So last, church was sadly cancelled due to a ‘Hurricane Sandy’ with ’60 mile/hr winds’… that happened... somewhere else!! Sad because a lot of people who were making a lot of sacrifices to come for the first time, were not able to.  :(  Everything happens for a reason, and it’s all about safety! Just kinda blows… ha get it? Blows? Ho man XD so punny. Anyway it’s  been a great week, me and Elder Clegg are having a blast and doing great! We’re working our butts off and are seeing the fruits of our labors! We have a whole family of four who are really preparing for baptism, and are progressing rapidly! The husband  just got out of jail and smokes, but we’re making progress and leaping over the hurdles! The stumbling stones are being disintegrated! Ha! 0kay, out of time for today, I love you all sooooooooooo much and appreciate all of the prayers and thoughts! Know that you’re in mine as well, and that I love you!!!! A lot!  Elder Langford!

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