Monday, October 22, 2012

Hey everyone!  Blog time!
It’s been a fantastic week! Probably one of the most successful I’ve had in the mission field so far! We did a variety of things, and it’s been awesome!
One interesting tid bit, when I went on exchanges with the district leader, we talked all the way home about our area, what we were doing to improve even more, and how our unity as a companionship was going (Elder Clegg and I).  After we talked about it for a while, he started going off at how he thinks I should seriously consider going into marriage counseling… Haha I didn’t know what to think of that… what do you think?  Me a marriage counselor?  I’ve never considered that job before… Hmmm… interesting that he brought it up, and I gave it a little thought this week… I figure I should get into this whole marriage business myself before I start telling people how to do it.
Also, I found out that someone in my ward was really good friends and grew up with the Bracey family! Spread the message to them saying that Kevin Dick says hi! Crazy connections! The stars must be aligned and what not.
We had a crazy service opportunity! We helped a member clean out this shed outside his house… I have seriously never seen so many spiders, ants, cockroaches, crickets, and etc!!! Man I actually got a couple Goosebumps from that! Pleh… good thing we had a can of raid… we wiped out civilizations of infestation! Sooooo many bugs… Hollie’d be dead if she even saw it -_- A couple hours after that, we went over to help an investigator family with their pumpkins… they didn’t really think about the fact that pumpkins are veggies, and when left out in the sun for an extended period of time, will grow mold… In fact, about half of each of the pumpkins was covered in a delightsome smelling black, hairy, thick MOLD! Suuuuper nasty!!! So we cleaned those up, and shared a couple tips, such as carving your pumpkins a little later in the season… Haha please, for your own sakes as well, do not let your pumpkins grow afro molds… it’s not the style, and will ruin your appetite/Halloween.
Well, sadly time flies when you’re emailing on Preparation day! The shortest day of the week goes by quicker than a box of cereal! (that’s fast). I want to share a quick miracle before I have to write to "El Presidente" here. We met this family, where the mom was less active, and none of the family were members beside her. I guess they’ve had a little experience with the church here and there. We set up a time and were teaching about faith and how to increase it, and all of them, all the kids, the dad, and the mom were sooo excited! They want to do everything they can to achieve a more Christ centered home, and to create a foundation from the world. Truly inspiring! We got them rides to church, and sure enough they were able to come, and they all loved it! We met with them right after, and the parents said they wanted everyone to be baptized, and sealed in the temple as soon as possible! Can’t argue with those goals! We’ve made plans and set expectations for them to be able to reach those goals that they’ve set, and are really looking forward to seeing how this progresses  it was an amazing miracle this week, along with another one of our investigators finally being able to get out of the hospital after countless surgeries on his foot/getting five toes cut off. We’ve made plans with the ward to actually build him a wheelchair ramp for his house, so that he can access it through the wheelchair! It’s going to be spectacular! We’re really starting to see a lot of the benefits of really working with the ward closely, and continuing to strive for their trust in the missionaries!! Gotta cut it off now, but thank you all sooo much for being who you are and all you do where ever you are and what you’re doing! Hoorah for Israel! ( I want you to say it out loud when you read it… you know you want to anyway! I’ll even write it again)!  Hoorah for Israel!! Love you all!! Till next week!!!!!   Elder Langford

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